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Article by Ray A. Rubio

A complete anti-aging skin care regimen involves a number of factors, including lifestyle and diet. The ingredients in the skincare products that you use are important. Some are healthy, while others are damaging, but to really improve your appearance, you need to work from the “inside out”.

Your daily diet should consist primarily of fruits and vegetables. Use meats as a side dish. Choose fish like salmon three to five times a week. But, make sure to vary the type of fish, so that you are not exposed to large amounts of mercury. Avoid fish like shark, because they are at the top of the food chain and have the highest levels of mercury.

For calcium and to aid digestion, choose plain, unsweetened yogurt and add your own fresh fruit. Blueberries are a super food, because of the antioxidants they contain. Cook with olive oil and garlic. Have a glass of red wine every day and drink plenty of clean water.

These kinds of foods and beverages are an important part of anti-aging skin care, because they are naturally anti-inflammatories. Chronic inflammation causes everything from the bags under your eyes to degenerative and life threatening diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

The foods are also rich in antioxidants, which prevent free radical damage, the root cause of wrinkles, as well as cancer. Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, an essential part of the skin’s cells and sebum.

An anti-aging skin care lifestyle is one that limits sun exposure to 15 minutes, three times a week. If you are out longer, you should wear protective clothing and use sun block (not sunscreen) on exposed areas. Don’t smoke and avoid exposure to smoky areas.

Daily anti-aging skin care rituals include gentle cleansing. Don’t exfoliate. Don’t use chemical peels. You’ll end up doing more damage than is already done.

Use a good anti-aging skin care cream for your face and your body. Clean your face again before bedtime and use a restorative night cream.

On a weekly basis use a mask that either cleanses or moisturizes. If you’ve been using products that contain petrolatum or other petroleum derivatives, you may need to moisturize more frequently, at least initially.

Petrolatum, mineral oils, petroleum jelly and similar compounds inhibit the natural rejuvenation process and eventually cause excessive dryness. Read the labels on the products that you’ve been using and throw away the ones that contain them.

The anti-aging skin care products that you use should only contain moisturizers that are similar to the skin’s own sebum. Look for grape seed oil, palm oil and passion fruit extracts.

To prevent free radical damage, lessen wrinkles and increase skin-cell proliferation, as well as promote collagen and elastin production, choose anti-aging skin care creams that contain the antioxidants Coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E.

Also look for active protein peptides and extracts from kelp. These increase levels of protein in the epidermis that naturally become lower with age. Avoid products that contain chemical preservatives and added fragrances. If you follow this anti-aging skin care plan, you should begin to see a difference in a very short period of time and you’ll look better for the rest of your life.


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